We Fix Leaks Quickly

Our roof repair team fixes leaks quickly and permanently. We work on all types of residential roofing damaged by storms, falling debris or the inevitable effects of age on an older structure. We handle all insurance claims from start to finish and we work with your insurer to restore your home to its proper state.

As soon as you spot any leaks, or if you even suspect that your roof is damaged, call our roof repair company immediately to prevent moisture from causing problems in your home. Water that seeps into building materials and isn’t addressed can lead to several unpleasant and costly issues:

  • Rot
  • Loss of insulating value
  • Mold growth
  • Entry for pests into your house

We are available for emergency roofing repair to stop the leaks and secure your home against the weather. We have the experience to handle catastrophic storm damage and to track down and fix hidden problems that might be quietly harming your property.


Contact us for all your residential roofing needs!


When to Call for Roof Repair

If you notice water leaks or a hole in your roof you should call us right away. You can also take active steps to discover less obvious signs that it’s time to contact our roof repair specialists. We recommend that homeowners make regular inspections of their rooftop from the ground using a set of binoculars. By having an idea what normal conditions look like, you will notice when anything has changed. We also suggest an occasional examination of the underside from the attic, if it’s accessible.

Free Rooftop Inspection

Always call us for a free rooftop inspection following a storm, anytime branches or debris have contacted your roof, and if you notice any change to the condition of your roof. Some of the indications that roof repair is needed include:

Missing or Broken Shingles
This will always lead to more costly problems if not fixed right away.
Bent or Broken Flashings
Flashings and valleys are critical and vulnerable areas. Any damage to them will inevitably allow water to seep into the underlying structure.
Affordable Roof Repair Degranulation
If you see a large number of granules from your shingles collecting in gutters or under downspouts, it is a sure sign that your shingles are deteriorating and you will need our roof repair services soon.
Evidence of Leaks Inside An Attic
Water could leave marks on the underside of your roof. If your attic is accessible, look for staining on all building materials, insulation and around protrusions like chimneys and vent pipes. On a sunny day, turn off the attic lights and look for any shafts of sunlight entering through the roof. Contact us for roof repairs to correct these hidden problems and prevent them from becoming costly structural issues.

Insurance Claims for Roof Repair

If you have suffered storm damage, let us accompany your claims adjuster on the initial inspection. If you have already been offered a settlement, don’t accept until we make an independent assessment of your damages. We can ask for a re-inspection and point out the areas that they missed or undervalued. We work with insurers every day and our experience and reputation as a local roof repair service means they will work with us to fully restore your home. We will handle your claim and all of the paperwork.

We provide roof repair in Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus and all of the surrounding communities. Call us for storm damage and emergency repair to shingle and metal roofs. We have over 25 years of experience and we are a local family-owned company.