We Offer Metal Roofs

We offer metal roofs of all types that will protect your home and family as long as any other material. We install modern steel and aluminum products that are guaranteed to resist corrosion for 50 years or more. Factory-applied color coatings provide an extensive palette that will complement your home design and enhance the inherent energy-saving qualities. From classic traditional looks to cool contemporary style, we can protect your house in a fashion that will add value to your property.

We are a local, family-owned residential roofing company. If you are considering a re-roof or restoration metal roof, we have the experience and the expertise to build the most durable and attractive covering for your property. Many owners of luxury homes would like the classic appearance of slate or wood roofing but would like lower maintenance requirements. We offer many metal options with the look of traditional products, but with the easy care that comes with modern manufactured materials.

Metal Roof Types

We offer homeowners a selection of metal roofs that will fit your house and your budget. Whether your highest priority is durability, low-maintenance or appearance, we will recommend a product that will preserve your property and withstand the toughest conditions.


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Metal Shingles

We build metal roofs from shingles that are flat or textured to replicate the classic look of slate, wood or tile. A nearly endless array of color possibilities are applied at the factory, part of a finish coat that is completely impervious to moisture and corrosion for a lifetime. The color is resistant to fading for 50 years or more.

Metal roof shingles will probably last as long as you own your house with very few maintenance duties. The homeowner can conduct an occasional inspection with binoculars and examine the underside if it is accessible from the attic. Call us for a free inspection following a storm or anytime you suspect damage or leaks.

Installing Metal Shingles

Metal roof materials are exceptionally durable and will stand up to hail and wind.

Severe weather is more likely to affect flashings, valleys and fasteners than the shingles themselves. We take pride in our workmanship, and we make sure that every installation is as enduring as the metal shingles themselves. Call us and we will even be happy to provide a free evaluation of any other company’s work to ensure that your house is ready to face the most severe weather.

Standing Seam

Vertical panels that run from the roof’s edge all the way to the peak create a metal roof with a crisp, modern or industrial feel. With no horizontal lines, moisture runs smoothly away from your rooftop. Just like with metal shingles, the panels are finished in a nearly endless selection of color coatings. Standing seam brings the same strength, longevity and added value to your home as other steel products

Energy Savings with Metal Roofs

We offer many metal roofs that are Energy Star rated. The reflectivity of the metal and added qualities of the manufacturer’s coatings will drastically reduce the amount of the sun’s heat energy that reaches your home’s interior. The workload of your air conditioner will be reduced and your energy bills will be lower. All Energy Star building materials are labeled with the expected savings for easy comparison. We can help you weigh the cost benefits of different applications.

We offer premium products from top brands like GAF, CertainTeed and Owens Corning. With outstanding manufacturer’s warranties and our dedication to the highest quality workmanship on every job, you can expect your new metal roof to last 40-50 years, or even longer.

With over 25 years of experience, you can rely on us for repair, replacement and installation of metal roofs in Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus.