We Handle Your Insurance Claims

We handle your insurance claims for accident or storm damage to commercial or residential roofing. We are with you every step of the way, from initial inspection to completed repairs or replacement. As an advocate for you, the homeowner, we work with insurers to assure you of a complete restoration of your property. With our help, you could receive the full benefit of your insurance coverage.

We have years of experience providing roof repair, replacement and installation to home and business owners. Let us put our expertise with all types of roofs to work for you when you are filing an insurance claim for damage to your property. Call us immediately after your surface is damaged, and we will be happy to meet with your adjuster.

Insurance companies are willing to work with us because of our proven reputation as a local roofing service. Most insurers are not out to cheat homeowners, but they do want to save money. Having our specialists on hand to accompany an adjuster can ensure that they won’t neglect any problems or underestimate their cost.


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Typical Areas Adjusters Might Overlook/Misjudge:

  • Damage to underlayment and decking
  • Broken or missing flashing or valleys
  • Total affected area
  • Cost and quality of affected materials

Adjuster Error

A simple adjuster error like miscalculating the total affected area of your roof can mean the difference between a mishmash of repairs and a new roof installation. You are entitled to certain defined benefits under your policy. We will advocate for you and make sure your insurance claim is approved in its entirety.

We also like to remind insurers that by making the high quality repairs or roof replacement that we recommend, we are also protecting them from future insurance claims. All of our work will make your house better able to withstand the most severe weather.

Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Extreme wind and hail can wreak havoc on even the most durable structures. Call us for a free inspection any time your home has been hit by severe weather. We are happy to examine your rooftop to see if you have an insurance claim. Our technicians will identify:

  • Missing or broken shingles
  • Sagging or dented areas that could collect water
  • Missing or corrupted flashings or joints
  • Large and small penetrations that breach all of the layers of material
  • Permanent harm to structural materials

Some storm damage may not be visible from the ground and might not show up as leaks until weeks later. Insurance claims must be filed in a timely manner or they could be denied. Call us immediately and we will carry out a careful examination of your entire roof, and we will identify even hidden problems that could lead to more costly repairs.

Filing Insurance Claims for Roofs

We handle the entire insurance claim process for you. From meeting the adjuster to completing the paperwork and submitting it to your insurer, we have years of experience assisting homeowners. We believe that all of our work should be carried out thoroughly and completely with quality materials. By working with your provider, we can guarantee that your home is ready to stand up to the elements next week and for years into the future.

We have over 25 years of experience, and we are proud members of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA). Call us to handle roofing insurance claims in Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus.