We Can Help Quickly With Storm Damage

Storm damage cannot be prevented, but we can quickly correct it. When your home suffers the effects of severe weather, call us for an emergency roof repair that can restore your surface and protect your home. We will secure a leaky roof, provide you with a thorough inspection and offer you the best solutions.

The most common types of storm damage that affect rooftops are wind and hail damage. No matter how well your materials were installed or how diligently you maintain them, Mother Nature can have her way with them. With 25 years of experience, we know how to locate and stop leaks, evaluate the situation and rectify it.

Storm Damage from Wind

There is no roofing system on the market that is completely impervious to the effects of storm damage. Shingle roofs are especially vulnerable to high winds. When they are installed, roofing contractors place them in layers which allows water to flow easily off the surface.


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But when a gust of wind gets under an edge at the right angle, it can peel away several layers of shingles in the blink of an eye. This process can damage the underlayment and wood deck and create the opportunity for a roof leak.

Our same day service allows us to get to you when you need us most. If there is a leak present, we start by securing it using tarps. We can then do a full inspection of the surface - not just the obviously storm damaged area. We provide you with our professional opinion on the condition of the surface and let you know your repair and replacement options. If more than a quarter of your roof is damaged, roof replacement is often the better value.

Hail Damage

While wind can cause a leak that is instant and obvious, storm damage done by hail is sometimes more difficult to spot. A stone could dent your flashing or crack a brittle area causing an immediate leak. What is more probable is that a hail storm will degranulate your asphalt shingles, exposing them to the sun. Hail Damaged RoofOften, these spots are just dime-sized areas and are hard to notice to the untrained eye. But they become weak, brittle and eventually can allow massive amounts of water to drip into your home.

Because it can be hard to notice, many residents fail to call when the hail damage actually happens. Instead, they wait until it becomes a leak and a huge problem. If you plan to file an insurance claim for the damage, you may have exceeded the time frame and lost an opportunity for coverage. If you suspect storm damage from hail, call us right away. We provide a free inspection and estimate, so you can get answers risk-free.

Insurance Claims

Storm damage is covered by many homeowner’s insurance policies, but they can be tricky to get approved. We will handle your claim from start to finish. From carefully documenting all damages with timestamped photos, to handling paperwork, to walking the surface with your insurance adjustor, we’ll be sure that all the evidence shows you deserve to have your claim approved. Using our respected name, you may only have to pay the cost of the deductible.

When you need emergency roofing services for storm damage in Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus and the surrounding areas, contact your family owned and operated roofing contractor. We provide you with unbeatable service and beautiful results.