Emergency Roof Repair

Don't Hesitate To Call For an Emergency Roof Repair

Emergency roof repair can be the difference between small repairs and an entire roof replacement. When a storm passes through your neighborhood or a roof leak springs suddenly, call our residential roofing company for reliable, same-day service. We handle care on a variety of types of metal and shingle roofs.

Some homeowners are hesitant to call for and emergency roof repair. They often make the mistake of thinking help can wait. But if your rooftop has been damaged or you suspect a leak, letting it lie can allow it to snowball into a huge problem. The moment you think you have a problem, call us for assistance. We offer free inspections and estimates, so you have nothing to lose.

Emergency Roof Repair Company

During emergency roof repair, we stop roof leaks fast. When we get to your home, we quickly secure any leaks present using tarps and other strategies to ensure water isn’t getting inside your home. This buys us the time to meticulously inspect your entire rooftop for other damages, rather than rushing through and emergency roof repair as water pours into your house.


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Every situation in emergency roof repair is different. Some issues may easily be repaired on the spot. Some may be more intensive or require roof replacement. After your inspection, we will go over the damages with you and discuss the options available and their costs.

Storm Damage

Severe weather can cause serious problems in a short amount of time. Rooftops that are old or were poorly installed or maintained tend to be more vulnerable to storm damage, but any surface can be damaged by hail and wind. Our emergency roof repair services are designed to get to you as quickly as possible and stop damages from spreading.

While you may not have a leak flooding your home, that doesn’t mean you don’t need emergency roofing. Missing materials and even small leaks require immediate action. When your shingle or metal roof is torn from the surface, it can tear through the underlayment and wood deck to create areas where moisture can penetrate. Even when a leak is just a small drip in your home or not noticeable at all, it can still be inside your attic or walls causing mold, wood rot and insect infestation. Calling right away is the best way to combat serious damage.

Insurance Claims

Emergency roof repair is often covered by homeowners insurance but can be difficult to have approved. They are commonly denied because clients wait too long after the damage occurred to submit their claim. Call us as soon as you suspect damage so we can perform an inspection and properly document any problems. With our professional assistance, we can handle the paperwork and work directly with your adjuster to give you the best chance at having your emergency roof repair claim approved.

With 25 years of experience, our family-owned and operated residential roofing company can provide you with emergency roof repair in Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus and the surrounding areas.