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Residential Roofing CincinnatiOur residential roofing specialists offer full service repair, replacement and installation of shingle and metal roofs. We handle catastrophic storm damage, and we will handle your insurance claim from start to finish. We use premium products from top brands to secure every home with a beautiful and durable new covering that will add value to your property and protect your house for years to come.

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Is your old roof nearing the end of its useful lifespan? Are you living with a worn out structure that was chosen by the builder or a previous owner? Has your house suffered severe storm damage? We know that homeowners are not excited to deal with roof replacement. Call us for residential roofing installation. We will help you discover the benefits of investing in a tough, yet stylish new roof.

No more worrying about new leaks with every passing storm. Seasonal maintenance is reduced or eliminated. A sharp new appearance for your home. Added curb appeal and value for your property.

We understand that new residential roofing is an investment in your family’s future. We make the entire process stress-free now so that you can enjoy your worry-free family time in the future.

The services that we offer:

Residential Roofing with Shingles

We install shingle roofs, which are the most popular choice for American homes. Asphalt shingles are very affordable and yet exceptionally durable. Even the most economical options are expected to last 20 years or more. We also offer premium grade materials that provide enhanced style and appearance, and increase the lifespan of your residential roofing to 40-50 years and beyond.

We also provide many design and longevity options using wood, metal and composite shingle products for residential roofing. Wood gives traditional home designs a natural feel, and with a little maintenance, can last for decades.

Metal and composite shingles are available in an almost endless array of looks and textures, including some that mimic classic materials like slate and wood. Even though they have very low maintenance requirements, metal and composite residential roofing could last as long as you own your home.

Residential Roofing with Metal

Standing seam and metal shingles are among the most durable residential roofing choices. We install metal roofs that are manufactured with factory applied color coatings that resist corrosion and fading for a lifetime. The factory-applied coatings also enhance the natural energy saving qualities of metal. We offer a selection of metal applications that are Energy Star rated for easy comparison.

Insurance Claims

We handle insurance claims for all residential roofing storm damage and accidents. Call us and let us accompany your claims adjuster on his inspection. Metal Residential RoofingWe will point out problems that they may have missed or undervalued. We won’t let them try to pay for a jumble of roof repair when roof replacement would be the best solution.

We will remind them that we can provide a new roof installation that gives the insurer and the homeowner the best protection against future claims. We handle your claim and all of the paperwork so that your toughest chore will be choosing the look and the materials for your residential roofing.

We have been serving the area as a full service roofing company for 11 years and we have over 25 years’ experience. We proudly offer products from top manufacturers like GAF, CertainTeed and Owens Corning. We provide the highest level of workmanship on residential roofing in Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus and the surrounding area. Call us for a free inspection and estimate.

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